Monday, December 28, 2009

A child wanted to compete with me the night before Christmas

It was the night before Christmas, I went from my friend's house. While on the way to go home with my bicycle, there's a child running too fast and smiled with me. The child wanted to compete with my bicycle verses with his bare feet. So I run fast the way he wanted, but suddenly I realized that I need to give way for his achievement and that is to win the race. I started to slow down and let the child win. The boy told me,"Kuya, ang galing ko no?! natalo kita (See I'm good! I won the game!)."

Sometimes we need to give way, for others to win and avoid "crab mentality". Because the truth, I did not lose the game but also I won. I won- to let him know his potentials and bringing out his supernatural powers from his bare feet verses my wheels.

Friday, January 2, 2009


The month of January is very important to us-Josepians. Because for St. Joseph's Academy we look at the importance of our teachers.

May I share with you one of my literature which entitled

"Ang Guro at ang Pudpod na lapis"

Madalas sa aking paglilinis ng aking silid-aralan, madalas akong nakakakita ng mga pud-pod na lapis. Matapos kong pulutin ay itinatanong ko sa aking mga mag-aaral kung kanino ang mga nasabing lapis. Nakapagtataka dahil iilan lamang ang kumukuha at mas marami pa ang natitira mula sa mga pud-pod nang mga lapis. Naaalala ko tuloy ang kagalakan sa puso ng mga mag-aaral sa tuwing may mga bagong gamit silang natatanggap. At nakalulungkot sa tuwing babalingan ko ng tingin ang mga pud-pod na lapis.

Hindi ko maiaalis sa aking isip na ang mga lapis na ito ay gaya ng aking mga nakilalang mga guro. Sa tuwing ako ay nalulungkot, ang pagguhit ang gumagamot sa aking sama ng loob. Ang mga guro ma’y daluyan ko ng aking nararamdaman, at tagapaghubog ng aking mga kakayahan. Madalas nga ay napapatayo ako ng aking guro sa tuwing di ko nasasagot ang multiplication table. Subalit ito ang naging daan kasama ng aking lapis sa pag-aaral ng Matematika gayun din ng iba pang asiganatura.

Sa tuwing kasama ko ang aking lapis ay nakararamdam ako ng bagong kaibigan. At sa piling ng aking mga guro minsa’y takot – baka matawag akong hindi handa sa mga tanong, pagmamahal – dahil handa silang tulungan kami sa aming pag-aaral, at kaligayahan – sa tuwing nagpapatawa at nagbabahagi sila ng kanilang sarili.

Gaya ng mga lapis ang mga guro man ay napupud-pod at tumatanda. Subalit pinahahalagahan ba natin ang kanilang mga ginawa? Ang kanila bang karunungan ay ating pinag-iingatan at pinauunlad? O baka gaya ng iba, itinatapon at kinalilimutan mo rin gaya ng isang pup-pod na lapis.

Teachers were hired and placed into the school system because they have extensive knowledge in the field they teach, and so should be respected.

Teachers pass on knowledge and values to children, prepare them for further education and for working life and are main contributors to good education. This most important profession however does not get the recognition it deserves. They get paid the bare minimum that the system has to pay them, yet they put up with more then anyone would expect any sane human being to have to put up with, yet they do it because they love it.

I bow down to all my teachers, those who have guided, taken me under their wing and taught me all that I know

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Prayer for the New Year

O God of new beginnings and wonderful surprises, thank you for the gift of a new year. May it be a time of grace for me, a time to grow in faith and love, a time to renew my commitment to following Your Son, Jesus. May it be a year of blessing for me, a time to cherish my family and friends, a time to renew my efforts at work, a time to embrace my faith more fully. Walk with me, please, in every day and every hour of this new year, that the light of Christ might shine through me, in spite of my weaknesses and failings. Above all, may I remember this year that I am a pilgrim on the sacred path to You.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Jamesters Make a Difference

Think for a moment about the people who have made a difference in your life - parents, extended family members, friends, classmate, neighbor, others. They have one thing in common. In every case, these people taught you something. Perhaps one taught you something about loving, another taught you something about studying, and another taught you something about having fun.

Even if they were unaware of their influence on you, these people became your teachers. They taught you by example how to do the things you longed to do and how to be the person you longed to be. Their very lives became lesson you will never forget.

Likewise, God put you here to make a difference in someone's life. Do not imagine that your life is without powerful influence and great significance. You are teaching far more than mere subject matter. People are watching and people are learning from your example even at times when you are unaware.

Ask God to help you recognize that person who especially needs a teacher today. Invite him to work through you so that your touch on a person's life leaves God's imprint as well as yours. As you teach the other people around you, ask God to make your life a lesson they will never forget.

(Taken from Following His Examples of the Soul Retreats)

One of My Memorable Christmas

I saw my lola (grandmother) last month (November). I took her hand and kissed (a Filipino tradition to show our respect to elders). She said," Rodel, nanghihina na ako mukhang hindi ko na kaya." I told her,"Lola, kalabaw lang ang tumatatanda." I said it to uplift her negative feelings.

Yesterday, I felt sad 'coz my loving lola died. But I'm happy at last her sufferings will be ended. But I can't heal the brokenness in our family. She is truly a big lost to us. But again, I'm happy 'coz our death means our birth to God.

To tell you honestly, I feel how important I was because of her. I can say that I may be a lola's boy. favorite of all Apos (grandchildren).

Lola, wherever you go always remember that all of your memories will kept inside my heart, your teachings will last forever and we will see each other someday. I love you po and I will going to miss you!

I ask your prayer to my lola. Her name is Felicidad. Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas to all. Remember to value your loveones - Sir Rodel

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Did you receive all of your wishes this Christmas?

A Priest asked the child,"What are your wishes this coming Christmas?" The child is too excited to give all of his wishes. And the priest asked,"Did you receive all of your wishes?"

The child said, "Not all, but I'm happy and beside it's not my Birthday!"

Sometimes we are looking about the gift we're going to share to our love ones. But the true meaning of Christmas is not only giving but how will you accept your gift. And what or rather who is your gift - It's JESUS. We let Jesus enter our hearts. But the questions, are your heart ready for the coming of Jesus? Can Jesus stay in your hearts forever? Can you change for good?

It's too hard to do but these are some ways that we can give to Baby Jesus as our offer to him and beside it's not your BIRTHDAY it's Jesus Birthday.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

God thanking me?

One of my mission in life, is to serve the Special children. I was glad that I've been part of this ministry which they call FAITH and LIGHT.

Faith and Light is an International community movement bringing together people with a learning disability, their families carers and friends, particularly young people. It recognizes that everyone has gifts to offer – the ability to welcome others with love and affection and a gift of Celebration.

I remember one celebration, I was assigned to become the facilitator of the parents We greet one another, pray and give some sharing. During my part in the sharing, I noticed one of our special friends keep on showing her work (our special friends were separated to their parents and do same art activities). Her name is Angel. Honestly, her work is not that beautiful but because for them it was their master piece that's why I said, "Wow! Ang ganda! (Wow! It was beautiful!)." She leaved and I noticed after my five to seven words of sharing she always return and keep on showing her work just for me. On her fifth time, she move slowly near to my side and I saw her lips wanted to say something. I let my right ear listen to what she wanted to say. I heard a big voice saying, " RODEL, SALAMAT!" (Rodel, Thank you!). It was not from Angel voice because she can't speak well but rather, it was from God.

Sometimes we never hear the voice from God. Why? Because our mind is too busy. In new generation, we do
multitasking, people intended to do more things. And sometimes they forget to listen.

I like how Virgin Mary responded from the good news. She chose to be in silence and with faith she replied, "
Be it done unto me according to Thy word."

"Kung gaano tayo kabilis sa pagpindot at pagsagot ng CP, sana ganun din natin kabilis na sagutin at pakinggan ang pagtawag ng magulang, kamag-anak, guro at ng Diyos."